Mathematical Rigour Main Equation For Startup To Bring “Winning Horses” In The Circular Quantum Economy

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NP-hard Problems & The Wonders of Quantum Mechanics

Currently, the consensus is that quantum technologies will first impact industries such as the financial and insurance sectors. The reason being quantum computers have the power to optimize financial portfolios for NP-hard problems much faster than classical devices, as well as process vast amounts of data which could allow for a better understanding of risk for insurance companies, for instance.

Although it is not exactly a science yet as to how and when quantum hardware and the underlying software and algorithms will influence certain problems highlighted in the said industries, most experts put a time frame of within the next few years to half a decade. And although it is a given that that financial and insurance industries (as well as cryptography) will see the first breakthroughs, there are plenty of others that will benefit from the wonders of quantum mechanics, too.

But there are some companies already in operation that see their IP serving less mundane sectors, ones that stir the imagination — take defence and space, for example.

Founded in 2020 and based in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, Dark Star Quantum Lab is a quantum information technology hardware and software solution startup for the civilian, defence and space domains whose mission is to bring about the circular economy value-chain for the quantum eco-system, empower the gradual transition from the classical to quantum technologies and invest in the quantum eco-system user friendly.

Dark Star Quantum Lab

Early days and the pop culture references aside, the Dark Star Quantum Lab — made up of an expert team who can identify “winning horses” of quantum investment opportunities — seems capable of advancing the technology a step further. The startup’s first offering is the Quantum Garage™, an input-output, off-the-shelf, plug-and-play, hybrid classical-quantum device designed to speed up the performance of algorithms on classical or quantum machines.

Dark Star Quantum Lab was set up, in the words of founder and CEO David M. Wilkinson, “to make the US a leader in quantum technology through my space-oriented propulsion IP.”

Despite the fact, the US is the leader in quantum technology, Wilkinson’s belief in himself and his IP go a long way. His resume, too, is impressive: a BS in biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he worked as a consultant for the life sciences industry, developing and validating software for biopharma med devices and clinical research, not to mention the bio-sensing device project he was involved in for COVID-19 with Harvard University.


Still, Wilkinson’s story wouldn’t be what it is without the startup’s founding board — because, well, the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts, no?

Chief Science Advisor is Dr. Faisal Shah Khan, an expert in quantum logic synthesis based on decomposition techniques.

Dave D’Silva is the COO and CPO of Dark Star Quantum Lab. A mathematician by training, D’Silva is the co-founder and chair of the York University Quantum Computing for Social Impact meetup, and the Ethics of AI meetup and once shared a photo with one William Henry Gates III of Microsoft fame.

With a unique IP to say the least, a team on point as far as ambition and the quantum community validation go, Dark Star Quantum Lab may sound too good to be true, but give them time.

James Dargan
James Dargan
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