Quantum Computing Now Podcast Episode 18 – Interview with Peter Johnson from Zapata Computing

I had an excellent, thoroughly entertaining, and long chat with Peter Johnson from Zapata Computing. We got to talk a lot about VQE, quantum advantage, and new algorithms that try to squeeze performance out of quantum hardware.

Zapata Paper Announcement video (MUST WATCH): https://youtube.com/watch?v=RifDO1zBYjI arXiv link to paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/2006.09350 A Quantum Festschrift for David Poulin: https://www.cifar.ca/cifarnews/2020/06/17/a-quantum-festschrift-for-david-poulin Qiskit blog about quantum advantage: https://medium.com/qiskit/this-proof-demonstrates-a-quantum-advantage-even-for-noisy-quantum-computers-b44a738801ad QCN gather.town: https://gather.town/fh5g7HpuMejUUhSg/quantum-computing-now Time zone converter for QCN Gather meetup: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20200807T010000&p1=tz_pt&p2=1440 My Zapata blog post on Why Workflows? https://www.zapatacomputing.com/quantum-enabled-workflows/ Sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com https://www.minds.com/1ethanhansen/ 1ethanhansen@protonmail.com https://thequantumdaily.com/

Ethan Hansen
Ethan Hansenhttps://anchor.fm/quantumcomputingnow
Ethan Hansen is the creator of Quantum Computing Now, an original podcast. In his podcast he talks about the basics, the news, and shares interviews with quantum computing professionals. When he isn't making a podcast episode he's probably studying, biking, or chatting with someone about science

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