Quantum Programming 101: Getting real time information on IBM Quantum devices

quantum device
IBM’s Quantum Computer


IBMs quantum devices all vary whether its in terms of the number of qubits, pending jobs to those devices or whether they are operational at a certain time.

With the backend_overview() function however we can see at a glance information for all those devices which can be very useful if we are deciding what device we should send our program to.


  1. Copy and paste the code below in to a python file

  2. Enter your API token in the IBMQ.enable_account(‘Insert API token here’) part

  3. Save and run


print('\nDevice Monitor')

from qiskit import IBMQ
from qiskit.tools.monitor import backend_overview

IBMQ.enable_account('Insert API token here') # Insert your API token in to here
provider = IBMQ.get_provider(hub='ibm-q')

backend_overview() # Function to get all information back about each quantum device  

print('\nPress any key to close')


After running the code you will see something like the following printed on the screen :

Output showing the status of each quantum device

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Macauley Coggins
Macauley Cogginshttps://quantumcomputinguk.org/
Macauley Coggins is a Software Developer, Researcher, and Managing Director of Quantum Computing UK. He has experience in developing software for IBMs Quantum Computers and has a special interest in developing secure cryptographic systems with quantum hardware.

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